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Overcoming Seasickness

17 September 2013

After noticing several recent surveys for people that have never cruised before, we realised that seasickness was a major factor in avoiding a cruise holiday.  As small of a matter as it may seem at first, many people do suffer from the fear of this occurring when on board, especially those who have never experienced a cruise before and are unaware of what life is like on board.  We therefore decided it would be the perfect time to take a closer look at the subject and see if we can help out.   Seasickness is often referred to as Mal de Mer, a polite French term for describing the effect of motion sickness on the human body.  It’s a delicate way of putting it but this as many people know, can be a severely worrying issue for passengers heading on...
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Exploring the Coastal Port of Lisbon on a Mediterranean Cruise

05 September 2013

Welcome to One of The Oldest Cities in The World!    Sailing into the port of Lisbon, aboard your cruise ship, is not something that should be taken lightly. Indeed it will be some quite spectacular steps you’ll be retracing, as Lisbon was home to some of the most audacious maritime explorers in history.   This relatively small Mediterranean gem sits triumphantly amid precipitous hills, overlooking the Tejo River. It boasts a myriad of attractions, both cultural and historic, and is amongst one of the most cherished revelations of a Mediterranean Cruise.??   Lisbon is a glorious example of how antiquity, and modernity, can be wonderfully merged; in fact, it is the mix of Gothic architecture and borderline-futuristic constructions that astound the first time visitor.   This unique fusion reverberates through all facets of Portuguese life; their reputable love of...
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Bolsover Cruise Club Guide to Discovery Cruising – Swan Hellenic

02 September 2013

Swan Hellenic cruises are known for discovery cruising – the art of visiting less easy to get to ports by means of a smaller ship. Cruise onboard the newly refurbished Swan Hellenic Minerva and discover the delights and surprises while travelling in style and comfort, while satisfying your curiosity.   In the early days, Swan Hellenic was mainly focused on Mediterranean cruises but today voyage further afield to discover such destinations as the North Cape of Norway, the Adriatic, Black Sea, North Africa, Levant, India and the Far East. Accompanying each cruise is a panel of eminent guest speakers who include writers, botanists, volcanologists, zoologists, historians, geographers, politicians, ambassadors and other experts in their field. For those who enjoy cruise holidays that enrich as well as invigorate, a tip on board the Swan Hellenic Minerva is bound to go beyond...
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