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The Cruise Bureau – Come and say hello!

30 October 2013

Having risen in both stature and reputation, Bolsover Cruise Club inevitably required larger premises as time went by over the many years of our existence.  Starting from just an intimate office building in Bolsover we have gone on to be based in a state of the art facility, designed to provide the perfect setting for our customers.  Not only do we welcome our clients to our wealth of cruising knowledge, we are also proud to welcome them to our building.    There is no doubt that the majority of cruise passengers these days often do most of their research on the internet or by phone.  You may call us a little old fashioned but we see it the complete opposite.  As well as our leading website and telephone connection facilities for our customers, we also house an industry first Cruise...
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Your Cruise Cabin – Inside or Out?

23 October 2013

This is a big question for many passengers and no matter how long you spend weighing up the pros and cons of each of them, it will almost certainly still come down to personal preference and cost.  Deciding between an inside or an outside stateroom can often be most difficult for people trying a cruise for the first time.  After all, deciding on your accommodation on a ship is very different from deciding on your accommodation when booking a land and hotel based holiday.   Inside cabins always offer the best value on board as they are the entry level staterooms.  This is not to say though that these cabins are any different to outside cabins.  The layout, design and amenities are all the same, the only difference is that where you have a window or balcony in an outside...
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