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Princess Cruises Essential Experiences – Asia & Africa

28 November 2013

Princess Cruises have compiled a list of 50 essential experiences that every traveller should add to their bucket list.   Here are the top spots across Asia and Africa that made the list;   Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam   It’s impossible to think of Ho Chi Minh City without thinking of the fall of Saigon, and it’s understandable that many of the main attractions here are based upon Vietnam’s turbulent past. The first stop on many travellers’ agendas is Reunification Palace, which retains the history and past of Saigon, whilst the rest of the city moves forward. If you’ve never visited Ho Chi Minh City before, the Saigon Sky deck gives beautiful views across the city, and across the smaller cruise ships that dock along the Saigon River. If you’re travelling as a family and are staying overnight in Ho...
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Three great ships for spending the day at sea

11 November 2013

Love them or loathe them, sea days are a necessary part of many cruise itineraries.  Whilst many look for sailings with featuring as little as possible, preferring to take in a different destination each day, others love them as they feel it gives them the time and opportunity to fully relax as well as getting to grips with the ships facilities.    Sea days may be considered by many to be a chore or a speed bump on the way to paradise but they are in fact so much more.  Days spent at sea not only give you the chance to immerse yourselves in the wondrous attractions modern day cruise ships have to offer but also the chance to just take a breath, unwind, relax and experience what it’s like to feel the unique sensation of a warm sea breeze...
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7 tips for cruising with dietary restrictions

07 November 2013

Booking a cruise is an exciting time, we envisage a wonderful holiday with enticing destinations, entertainment, relaxation and also great food but for some this can be more difficult than others.  We’re talking about passengers with specific dietary restrictions that can often cause concern and even anxiety when planning a holiday.  For those of you that have cruised before you will know that cruise lines do all they can to accommodate such needs and will endeavour as much as possible to ensure you still thoroughly enjoy the cuisine on board.  For first time cruisers, however, we understand that without this experience under your belt it can be a little un-certain and often quite un-nerving when planning something new.   We understand that dealing with special dietary requirements can often be extremely difficult and frustrating at home let alone when booking...
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The British Travel Awards 2013 – Who were the big winners?

06 November 2013

With our fantastic achievement of the ‘Best Large Cruise Retailer’ 2013 at the British Travel Awards we thought it would be a great idea to share with our customers the other big winners on the night.  The awards ceremony was held at the Battersea Evolution in London and we were over the moon to receive the award and once again would like to take the time to thank everyone for their votes and stress once more what a pleasure it has been over the last twelve months to provide the best service possible for our clients.    The highly coveted British Travel Awards holds the title for being the largest consumer voted programme within the UK and pays homage to the strongest industry performers over the year.  More votes than ever before were received this year for a wide range...
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Christmas Cruises – Your questions answered

04 November 2013

As hard as it is for us all to comprehend, 2013 continues to speed by in the blink of an eye and once again Christmas is just around the corner.  By now we’ve all begun to discuss plans for the big day and put the wheels in motion to prepare for its arrival.  Discussions have taken place on the choice of menu for the day, who we’ll be spending it with, where we’ll be spending it, home or going out for the day and much more.  We’ve all probably had the debate over when the tree should go up this year with one side battling it’s too early and the other wanting to get into the festive spirit as soon as possible.   Despite all the planning, preparation and stress that comes with Christmas, it is still, nevertheless, a special...
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Cruise Club Forum – Welcome to a brand new cruise community

01 November 2013

It is our pleasure to welcome you to a brand new online cruise community.  The Cruise Club Forum is the new place to be for making friends with fellow cruisers and discussing what you love most about this fantastic way to see the world.  The forum provides a great hub of the latest cruise news, questions and answers, reviews and even just general chat, plus it’s completely free to join and only takes a couple of minutes to do so.   We all know that once you cruise for the first time, it’s easy to become addicted.  The Cruise Club Forum gives you the chance to share and discuss your cruising experiences with fellow like-minded passengers.  You’ll find the forum broken down into specific sections so there’s no trouble finding what you’re looking for and its user friendly layout makes...
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