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Crossing The Atlantic With Cunard Cruise Line – All About Food (Day 6)

20 December 2013

Day 6 was highly anticipated – it was the day of the Britannia galley tour, so this is an excellent chance to discuss the dining options on the ship. On a ‘regular’ holiday, it’s a case of finding time to eat in between the activities.   On a cruise, however, it’s a case of finding time to fit in the activities in between eating! With so many options, it’s almost impossible to try every dining option on the ship, so I’ll begin with my favourites.   The place I spent a great deal of time was the Kings Court buffet on deck 7. Divided into four sections – Lotus, The Carvery, La Piazza, and the Chef’s Galley, this informal venue is the perfect place for families to chill out.   The buffet is large and spacious, so it’s a good...
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Crossing The Atlantic With Cunard Cruise Line – A Floating City (Day 5)

18 December 2013

By day 5, I felt I had finally become familiar with the ship.   The Queen Mary 2 is a lot larger than the ships I had cruised on previously, so it took a few days before I managed to get my bearings and find my way around.   Once I did, I realised that I wasn’t simply on a ship, I was a part of a real floating city.    If you wanted to enjoy a good night out, there are perhaps more varied choices onboard the QM2 than there are in some cities. Ranging from the British-style Golden Lion pub serving up classic pub fare to the more sophisticated champagne and whiskey bars, it was easy to find an environment and atmosphere to suit how I was feeling each day.   Alternatively, if you’d rather a quieter, more...
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Crossing the Atlantic With Cunard Cruise Line – Departing New York (Day 1)

16 December 2013

Jen Watts travelled to New York with her family and then set sail back to Southampton on Cunard Line Queen Mary 2, the journey lasts 7 days and everyday is spent at sea.   We asked Jen to write a blog about each day and take some photographs so you can experience her journey first hand!   The first day concists of boarding the ship and setting sail late afternoon, this is Jen’s account as the QM2 slowly left the Big Apple!   Day One   When many people think of New York City, they tend to think of Manhattan, with its skyscrapers, bright lights, and some of the best shopping opportunities in the whole world, but the city is actually much more than the island of Manhattan, as I was about to find out.   Cunard’s flagship, the Queen...
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European Christmas Market Cruises

03 December 2013

Christmas is a truly magical time of year, but the lead up to the big day can be quite stressful, elbowing your way around crowded stores, trying to tie up loose ends at work, and finding the time to sit down with the tape and wrapping paper to get all the gifts wrapped.   Interestingly, the media never portrays the festive period as a time of such frustration and anguish, instead focusing on images of young couples wearing hats, scarves, and gloves, walking hand-in-hand under the softly falling snow, groups of women laughing over glasses of mulled wine without a care in the world, and grandparents picking out ornate tree decorations with their grandchildren, watching their little faces light up in amazement.   You’re probably wondering where this seemingly make believe world is, where people can relax, chill out, and...
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