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Bolsover Cruise Club’s Nathalie Avis travelled to Tilbury for an introduction to the new Cruise & Maritime ship, Vasco da Gama. Here’s why the cruise line and its steadfast sailors left an impression.

Travelling for any reason is filled with anticipation; what’s the famous line – “are we there yet?”

Tilbury, despite having never been before, coupled with travelling solo, following the sat nav, trying not to be that person that goes around the roundabout counting the junctions before exiting (we’ve all done it…haven’t we?) wasn’t all that bad. Catching a glimpse of Vasco da Gama, in the distance I knew I was heading in the right direction.

On arrival at the London International Cruise Terminal you are greeted and ushered to the nearest parking bay by warm and friendly attendants. They did forget to tell me to have my ticket in the window, so unless you want to return to a parking ticket, please remember to do so.

Vasco da Gama from a distance did not disappoint and to be honest, she wasn’t too shabby up-close either.

Although the ship is not destined for the UK market for the time being, it is always great to get a glimpse of what’s coming for a cruise line and CMV (Cruise & Maritime) seem to have their finger on the pulse. Our beloved cruise ships are getting bigger and bigger! And petite ships seem to be have been sanctioned to the luxury market carrying a hefty – somewhat granted – price tag. Enter CMV and what a cult following they seem to have gathered.

Bolsover Cruise Club were lucky enough to be introduced to the latest CMV arrival, Vasco da Gama, last week. Also in attendance were their Columbus Club members. These passengers had travelled a whopping 1000 + nights since 2010! That’s more than three whole years at sea, for those who are as shocking at maths as I am.

So, I hear you ask, ‘what keeps them coming back?’

Based on the chats I had, smaller ships, camaraderie and friendly, attentive staff are just a few of the reasons.

Sat in the auditorium onboard Vasco da Gama, it was clear to see that these guests have a true relationship with the cruise line, the ships and all the wonderful staff. As they cheered when our host introduced them to us all, their families were also invited to join the celebrations, however for me, the loudest cheers and love of this family-run cruise line came from the Columbus Club members.

See below, a gallery of snaps from the night:

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