The Most Dangerous Locations Around The World According To TV And Film

What are the top 10 dangerous locations across the globe according to TV and film? Bolsover Cruise Club investigates.

Top 10 scariest destinations you might want to avoid this Halloween

No matter whether you have plans to visit Canada, Fiji or South Africa next, there is no doubt that there are some stunning destinations around the world. However, we have found that there are some very scary – and spooky – locations, too.

With Halloween just around the corner, here at Bolsover Cruise Club, we wanted to take a look at some of the most dangerous locations in the world according to popular culture. Using data from IMDb around some of the world’s most iconic horror films and TV shows, we have put together a list of places that you might wish to avoid – or visit only if you dare – especially around Halloween.

Horror films: scary or funny?

While 40% of those surveyed said that they loved the suspense of horror films and TV shows, a tenth of Brits refuse to watch them as they dislike being scared. Quite surprisingly, our survey data identified that around 10% of people actually find the genre to be quite funny!

If you are one of the 39 million Brits who love to watch scary movies, you should be particularly careful when you’re travelling around this time of year, as you never know when there are aliens, hungry sharks, a mob of gangsters or even blood-thirsty serial killers around the corner. There are a whole host of dangers waiting out there ready to pounce – in the film world, of course.

So, according to TV and film, just where are the top ten most dangerous places in the world?

1. USA

With the likes of vigilante serial killers such as Dexter lurking around in the US, this destination comes in at number one. If you don’t want to become the next victim of the mutant monsters from The Hills Have Eyes in New Mexico, witness another Psycho in Arizona or experience a Nightmare on Elm Street in Ohio, we have plenty of other great destinations that you can visit in the USA and South America.

2. Europe

Surely only the very reckless would be visiting Romania, home of Nosferatu at this time of year? Well the rest of Europe isn’t particularly safe either. The vampires from Let The Right One In are waiting in Sweden, you could be Taken in France or killed by a Gladiator in Rome. A visit to this continent could prove to be very dangerous indeed! Perhaps it would be safer visiting Europe from the comfort of our cruise ships?

3. Fictional locations

Because you’ll never actually be able to locate King’s Landing, Shutter Island, The Upside Down or Gotham City in the first place, you’re pretty safe from the dangers that lurk within. Instead, why not opt for a breathtakingly beautiful destination that you know you’ll love, such as Hawaii?

4. The UK

While the capital will certainly offer you a jam-packed trip, you might also be brutally attacked by an American Werewolf in London. That won’t be ideal when you’re trying to sightsee. And watch out for those Peaky Blinders if you venture to Birmingham.

5. The Ocean

Halfway down the list is the ocean, thanks to the likes of Jaws, Blue Planet and Piranha. Don’t let those films put you off though, as we can assure you that there are plenty of idyllic destinations to be seen across the ocean – as one of the UK’s leading cruise specialists, you can trust us on that one.

6. Space

Consider yourself lucky that this is a destination that’s virtually impossible for the average holiday maker to get to – unless you’ve always secretly wanted to see Aliens and Stormtroopers in a galaxy far, far away? Rather than trying to get all the way to space to join the Star Wars characters, make your travel planning a lot easier and book a cruise to the Far East instead.

7. Japan

Not only known for its gorgeous cherry blossoms, sumo wrestling and sacred mountains, Japan is home to the super scary, supernatural beings from The Ring and The Grudge, putting it at number seven on this list.

8. Africa/South Africa

Unless sick, malnourished aliens are something you want to come across on your holidays, South Africa might be somewhere to visit later on in the year. Rather than heading to District 9, explore what fun you could have in the Caribbean.

9. Australia

>At number nine on the list is Australia. And if you want to avoid falling pray to a psychopath after breaking down on a road trip, like the characters in Wolf Creek did, we’d wait until next season to book your trip. A cruise would be far more relaxing.

10. Antarctica

While we found out that 40% of those surveyed liked the suspense of a horror film or TV show, coming face to face with The Thing in Antarctica might be a whole other story.

With scares and danger lurking around every corner of the globe, it’s clear travellers must be on high alert! So, at this time of year, rather than run the risk of encountering any of these dangers at your next travel destination, we think you should stay safe and book a cruise that you know you’ll enjoy!

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