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10 Things To Do With A Day In Malta

29 August 2017
Valletta, Malta - Panoramic skyline view of the ancient city of Valletta with St.Pau's Cathedral and St. Elmo Bay early in the morning

Malta packs a lot into its little archipelago. From movie locations – Game of Thrones and Gladiator have both been filmed here – to the kind of perfect beaches that make us grateful to have the Mediterranean on our doorsteps, Malta has it all. With a new title as the 2018 European Capital of Culture, the promise of over 300 days of sun a year, plus some seriously blue waters in which to sail, swim or soak, it is little wonder that P&O Cruises snapped up this Mediterranean marvel as the starting point for their Eastern Med cruise holidays. Here’s how to make the most of a day in the destination. Eat your spinach and head for Popeye Village Robin Williams remains one of our all-time heroes and a visit to Popeye Village will trigger the nostalgia of any 80s...
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36 Hours In Venice

25 August 2017
Image of Grand Canal in Venice, with Santa Maria della Salute Basilica in the background.

Venice is one of those places that must be seen to be believed. Films and photographs do no justice to the beauty of ‘La Serenissima’, the floating city set upon a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea. Only when you spend time there yourself can you throw back the curtains on Italy’s most dramatic city. Don’t miss… You can’t visit Venice without seeing its icons but it pays to be clever about the order in which you go about it. St Mark’s Basilica doesn’t open for visitors until 9.45am but anyone is welcome to attend its atmospheric Holy Mass. Mass celebrations are held hourly until 11.00am, however it is the early 7.00am and 8.00am gatherings which will see you beat the crowds. By the time 9.45am rolls around and St. Mark’s opens its doors to general visitors, you will already have...
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Six Of The UK’s Most Alternative Afternoon Teas

14 August 2017
Afternoon tea served with an assortment of cakes

If there is a better way to spend an afternoon than attacking a towering carousel of sandwiches, cakes and scones with your nearest and dearest we’re yet to find it. There’s something beautifully British about afternoon tea, from the politeness of taking it in turns to pour the teapot to heated discussions over whether the jam or cream should grace your scone first. As the nation unites to celebrate Afternoon Tea Week, we’re sharing six alternative afternoon tea spots that break with tradition. Rally the troops and prepare to taste test our top six picks, all of which can be found on our very own shores. Dirty Birds and Doughnuts Afternoon Tea Ma’ Plucker, 75 Beak Street (London) First in our pick of ‘afternoon tea but not as you know it’ can be found at Ma’ Plucker. The ‘Dirty Birds...
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The Chocoholic’s Travel Guide

08 August 2017

We’ve got chocolate on the brain and it’s been that way since Holland America Line announced they are set to introduce a Chocolate Surprise parade on every cruise. The thought of waiters parading through the Promenade decks, handing out bite-size chocolatey desserts such as double chocolate cupcakes, chocolate macaroons with Grand Marnier and chocolate cones with lemon curd has got us salivating. Our fellow chocoholics will understand the struggle to satisfy a sweet tooth, so we’re playing the enabler and sharing the top destinations in the world to cure those chocolate cravings. BRUGES Belgium takes its chocolate very seriously, earning itself the title of ‘Chocolate Capital of the World’. The cobblestone streets here are lined with chocolate shops, almost 2,000 in fact, from big names like Godiva to the tiny independent producers deliciously clustered together in the sweetly-scented Katelijnestraat district....
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Backpack Optional

04 August 2017
A colorful Red-Eyed Tree Frog (Agalychnis callidryas) in its tropical setting.

To say South America is diverse just doesn’t quite cut it. The continent’s 12 countries contrast wildly and many of them are now placed at the feet of cruisers who never fancied the thought of lugging around a backpack. A holiday here holds the promise of Brazilian beaches, Chilean fjords, Argentinian cities, colonial Colombian towns and the endless, undulating Amazon Rainforest. Urban sprawls are replaced with remote expanses in the blink of an eye, bucket lists are obliterated and catching a case of joie de vivre is guaranteed. Grab a glass of Malbec and read on to find out why South America should be on your radar. THE SCENE STEALERS ‘Bucket list’ is a term thrown about with wild abandon but South America deserves its crown as one of the true bucket list destinations. No other holiday offers the opportunity...
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7 Experiences You Could Have On A Cruise To Alaska

28 July 2017
Glacier Bay in Mountains, Alaska, United States

If you have been tuning into BBC1’s Wild Alaska Live in recent weeks you’ve probably already put Alaska on your bucket list. If you haven’t, our run down of the amazing experiences you could have on a cruise to Alaska should do the job. WILDLIFE WATCHING Let’s start with the bears. They’re everywhere, ambling through pine glades and scooping salmon from rushing rivers and streams with gargantuan paws during the salmon rush each June/July. Coming across bears in Alaska is a common occurrence and for those who love the thrill of the chase, bear hunts in the Spasski River Valley will see you scout them out with the safety of a guide by your side. Alaska has the whales too; 40-ton humpbacks feed here in their thousands during the summer months, along with orcas and beluga whales. Look up and...
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A RIB Safari In The World’s Longest Fjord

24 July 2017
Fjords in Norway

I look like the Michelin Man at a rave. I’m stood on a jetty in Skjolden, a tiny town that sits at the very head of Sognefjord – the longest navigable fjord in the world – and I cannot think of a better way to describe my look. I’m wearing a pair of neon yellow and black overalls that are padded in such a way as to create an extra chin or two and force my arms out to the sides like a baby in an overstuffed sleepsuit. Whilst this isn’t my most fashionable moment (I think even the purple flared jumpsuit at the school leaver’s disco beats this), I remind myself that at least I’ll float if I fall into the fjord. Of course, that is until all the excess padding soaks up the inky blue water at record...
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Have Books, Will Travel

21 July 2017
Reading on Beach

From criminal minds to matters of the heart, these are the holiday reads to delve into on the long, lazy days of summer. The Cows – Dawn O’Porter (HarperCollins Publishers – £14.99) A funny, feisty read following Tara, Cam and Stella, three women who are battling to find their own voices in the noise of modern life. The life lessons begin when an extraordinary event sees the three inextricably linked, with the resulting melee giving a frank account of the extent to which social media has come to control our lives. South and West: From a Notebook – Joan Didion (HarperCollins Publishers – £10.00) Legendary writer Joan Didion has always kept detailed notebooks. In one of 2017’s most anticipated books, she shares the private observations, passing conversations and interviews kept within them in two extended excerpts. South and West: From...
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Seven Kingdoms To Escape To Now Winter Is Here

17 July 2017
A panorama of an old city of Dubrovnik by night, Croatia

Winter is here. It arrived at 2am this morning, the dark storm clouds rumbling in with forecasts of Snow. Don’t reach for your winter woollies just yet because we are of course talking about the premiere of the penultimate season of Game of Thrones, which aired at 2am this morning and has a lot to answer for when it comes to a serious surge in our coffee consumption today. Whether you tuned in or have spent today phone, internet and conversation-free in a bid to avoid any spoilers, there is no denying that winter is the word on everyone’s lips right now. If the mere mention of winter alone was enough to strike fear into your sun-worshipping soul, may we suggest a holiday to one of these seven ‘kingdoms’, all of which promise a sun-soaked escape when winter actually does...
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Royal Caribbean Has Something Exciting In Store For 2018

14 July 2017
Royal Caribbean, Independence of the Seas

If you’re a fan of classic cruising, look away now. However, if you love fun with a capital F, the kind of fun only a Royal Caribbean ship can guarantee, stay right there because we have some pretty big news for you. Some of you may already know that Independence of the Seas will enter dry dock in April 2018 for what has been described by Royal Caribbean as a ‘bow-to-stern’ makeover. If you’re unfamiliar with the term ‘bow-to-stern’, it means that – to put it into plastic surgery terms – Independence of the Seas is in for one heck of a facelift, with extra nip and tucks. Until now, details of the multi-million-pound makeover have been kept under lock and key, but the secret is out and it has got us counting down the days to Summer 2018. Independence...
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