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If you’re a seasoned cruiser, the chances are that you will have picked up various tips and tricks during your time spent at sea. From packing magnets to popping the cork on your own champagne at sailaway, these handy little tips can save you money and make life at sea even more enticing. Our Cruise Club Forum is currently ablaze with avid cruisers sharing their top cruising tips. Below are some of our favourites so far and we want to know yours too! Join the conversation on the Cruise Club Forum and get sharing the tips and tricks that you have learned over the years.


Jillyfish shared two of our favourite tips…

Each morning when we’re in a new port of call, I take a photo of the cabin newsletter supplied for that day. It will have that day’s port of call as its headline and it stops all of those arguments of ‘where were we when you took that photo?’


On P&O Cruises ships, the leaf pattern on the carpet points to the front of the ship. Also, any artwork featuring ships will also point the correct way.


Here are a few more of our favourite cruising tips…

Always take a photocopy of your passport details, the ship’s direct number and the relevant port agent’s details. HLM

cruising tips for your passport

My tip, especially for adults travelling with children, would be to prepare your hand luggage for a potentially busy first day. You want to make the most of your first day on board and if you don’t get your cases for a little while or are not able to access your cabin straight away, it can make for sad looks on children’s faces, especially if the weather is nice and they can’t get in the pool. Pack a few things in your hand luggage and you’re sorted. Sammysun

cruising tips for packing

Take your own Champagne for that first sailaway!! David H


Pack magnets for sticking the Horizon newsletter and tickets to the cabin walls. Rikki


Take a two-way or three-way plug as there are never enough electric sockets. Tinkerbell

Cruising tips

What are your must-share cruising tips and tricks? Head to the Cruise Club Forum and join the conversation today. Alternatively, check out our blog ‘Ten Things You Should Never Cruise Without’ here.

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