Your Future Cruise Credit Questions Answered

One of the current buzzwords in the cruise industry right now is the term Future Cruise Credit, also known as FCC. If like so many others you are a little lost at sea in knowing what this actually means, we’ve got you covered in our FAQs on Future Cruise Credits.

Had a cruise cancelled and waiting for your refund? Due to the significant number of bookings affected, refunds are taking longer than expected for cruise lines to process. It is important to understand that all monies are held by the principal, in this case the cruise operator or airline, and not by us as your travel agent. Please rest assured that we are as frustrated as our clients by the delays and that we are chasing your refunds relentlessly. Please bear this in mind when calling us. Thank you for your understanding.

Now, onto the matter of Future Cruise Credits…

What is Future Cruise Credit?

Future Cruise Credit (or FCC, depending on which term you prefer to use) is a monetary credit, like a gift card, that most cruise lines are offering you to use to put towards or pay off a new cruise booking. FCC is being offered to guests who opt to cancel or have had their cruise cancelled due to the current Coronavirus outbreak.

How much FCC will I be given?

The amount of FCC being offered does vary from each cruise line, though most cruise lines are offering you the value what you have already paid for your cruise as a minimum, plus in some cases a little extra. Should you opt to cancel an upcoming cruise where the cruise line policy allows, one of our Cruise Experts will be able to confirm the value of FCC you will receive upon cancellation.

What do I need to do to get my FCC?

Quite simply nothing. If you opt to cancel your cruise, or your cruise has been cancelled, the cruise line will apply your FCC to your account. Due to the volume of requests, the process on how long this takes does vary from each cruise line.

Can I use my Future Cruise Credit to pay for more than one cruise?

Yes. If the amount of your credit is higher than the cruise fare of your new booking, you can apply the remaining FCC balance on additional future bookings up to the expiration date.

Note that you will be responsible for paying the difference between the new cruise fare and the amount of the FCC, should there be any.

Can FCC be transferred to another cruise line?

No, this is not possible. Your Future Cruise Credit needs to be put towards a cruise sailing with the same cruise line that your original booking was with.

Do the Future Cruise Credits expire?

Yes, all Future Cruise Credits do expire and this varies per cruise line so it is worth checking with your Cruise Expert. For example, Future Cruise Credit with P&O Cruises and Cunard can be used right up to the end of next year (31 December 2021) and be redeemed against any new sailing until the end of March 2022.

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