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Accommodation On Board Celebrity Edge

Visit this page to find out about the accommodation on board Celebrity Cruises' new ship Celebrity Edge. Read about Interior, Ocean View, Balcony, Concierge Class, Aquaclass and Suite Class.

Iona P&O Cruises New Ship 2020

Through teaming up with some of the world’s best designers, Celebrity Cruises have created accommodation that has never before been experienced at sea. On board Celebrity Edge discover the Infinite Balcony – touch a button and your entire living space becomes the balcony, letting you walk right out to the water’s edge. 

Celebrity Cruises have created two exciting new suite categories too, and more than doubled the number of suites available. The new Iconic Suites are now the most luxurious and spacious in the Celebrity Cruises fleet; while the six 2-storey Edge Villas boast 950 square feet of splitlevel, indoor-outdoor splendour.

Celebrity Cruises have even created 178 connecting stateroom options, meaning you can connect different rooms for a whole new space. On Celebrity Edge, anything’s possible.

Iona P&O Cruises New Ship 2020

Edge Staterooms With Infinite Balconies

The most transformational aspect of Celebrity Edge's stateroom design is the introduction of the Edge Stateroom with Infinite Balcony. These incredible rooms take a standard Balcony Stateroom and, with the touch of a button, blur—even erase—the boundaries between inside and outside living space. Passengers' entire living space becomes the balcony, letting you walk right out to the water’s edge. This brilliant innovation gives guests luxurious open air access to the sea, whenever they wish. And that’s for starters; every single detail is revolutionary:

Iona P&O Cruises New Ship 2020

Edge Single Staterooms

Celebrity Cruises don’t just have the world covered – they have every conceivable type of traveller covered too. Celebrity Cruises know there are some modern travellers who love to explore the world on their own or family members who would just like their own space. So, the modern luxury cruise line created a new stateroom category that fits the bill perfectly.

Iona P&O Cruises New Ship 2020

Edge Suite Class

Some resorts have abeautiful view, Celebrity Edge has thousands. 

Celebrity Edge will see the arrival of two new suite categories. Two Iconic Suites will each measure 1,880sq.ft. plus outdoor space, making them the largest suites in the Celebrity Cruises fleet. Located above the bridge, the suites will boast the best views at sea, even better than those enjoyed by the captain. Also to debut is the Edge Villa, a two-storey luxury abode, complete with plunge pool and floor-to-ceiling two-storey windows designed to bring the outside in. Six will be available on board, each accommodating 4 people and spanning 950sq.ft.

The unique design of the Edge Villas seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor living. Each Edge Villa offers a spacious 950 square feet of split-level, indoor-outdoor splendour making this accommodation the perfect size for up to four guests and families of four.

With the most luxurious and spacious Suites in the Celebrity Cruises fleet, Edge Class Suites are the new ultimate in modern luxury. Most of the Suites feature separate sleeping areas, and all include Suite Class private dining, exclusive lounge, private sundeck and pool, a personal butler, and so much more.

Iona P&O Cruises New Ship 2020

Other Celebrity Edge stateroom types

To complete the options of modern luxury accommodation and offer great choice and value, Celebrity Edge's stateroom selection of course includes Ocean View (Outside) and Interior Staterooms. Concierge Class is the perfect choice if you want to know everything is taken care of whilst AquaClass staterooms are designed for anybody seeking well-being and relaxation.

Your stateroom is your private sanctuary at sea and is as luxurious as any modern hotel room. The smart design is matched with stylish décor, not to mention that all of Celebrity Edge's accommodation has a dedicated 24-hour Stateroom Attendant. From sprawling suites to intimate Interior staterooms, Celebrity Cruises' accommodation is the ultimate in modern luxury.

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