Clued-up Brits Abroad: Just How Much do we Know?

Have you ever mistaken one country’s flag for another? Or have you ever accidentally used the wrong language when attempting the local lingo abroad? Or are you well-versed in the ways of our friends overseas? Well, it turns out some of us are more in the know than others – according to a study the team at Bolsover Cruise Club have carried out.

Clued-up Brits Abroad 1

We wanted to know just how clued-up we are as a nation regarding our international neighbours, so we set about finding the answers by quizzing holidaymakers on a number of topics.

Here’s how we did it and what we found out:

Our Research

We hit the streets with our little experiment and asked the public a number of questions to see how much – or how little – they know about countries around the world.

This involved us showing them flags and maps and seeing if they could correctly tell us to which country they belonged. As well as this we asked them to match different currencies to different countries, before then seeing if they could translate any common phrases and expressions from a variety of nations around the world.

The Findings

The following graphics can give you a better idea of our findings. Up first you can see the top five flags that we Brits tend to struggle to identify, mixed with the easiest:

Clued-up Brits Abroad 2

Clued-up Brits Abroad 3

Correctly recognising the currencies of the following countries proved to be challenging for us, however some of the easiest can also be seen below:

Clued-up Brits Abroad 4

Clued-up Brits Abroad 5

When we turned our attention to geographical locations, these were the top four countries the people we asked struggled to point out on a map, as you might have guessed, the UK came top of the list of the countries that we found easiest to locate (and so it should!):

Clued-up Brits Abroad 6

Our final questions were around which expressions and phrases from different languages we are the most familiar with; these were the ones that caused the most confusion:

Clued-up Brits Abroad 7

What we Learned

As you can see, our study showed that we Brits are a mixed bag when it comes to being clued-up about our neighbours around the continents. Some of us are very informed in everything from the language spoken to the location. While equally, there are plenty of us who can struggle to correctly recognise different flags and phrases.

There’s no denying that a little local knowledge can add to a holiday experience, so we’d definitely recommend some time spent researching before leaving home – it’s all part of the holiday planning fun!.

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