Have You Been On A Cruise?

At the end of 2013, we were curious as to why some people are still eschewing cruising when the cruise industry is the fastest growing travel sector worldwide. In fact, 21.6million people went on a cruise last year, making the cruise industry worth a staggering £22.2 billion! But that's not all. The cruise industry is still expanding at an average rate of 7% passenger growth every single year due to a number of factors including the building of new and more exciting ships, the availability of additional ports and destinations, as well as general word of mouth and press coverage. In fact, 2014 will see 6 new ships launched worldwide, adding an extra 17,410 passenger capacity. This will rise to 17 new ships by the end of 2016 - that's an extra 9.1% passenger capacity and £2 billion in annual revenue for the cruise industry! But we understand that new to cruise passengers can be somewhat hesitant, and it can be a little nerve-wracking to take that first step into booking a cruise. Which is why we wanted to find out what was stopping them.

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