16 September 2019

P&O Cruises | Arcadia Reviews

By Susan Jones on 18 October 2019

We booked a delux balcony cabin on P&O Arcadia to celebrate a big birthday, the cabin was rather small for a deluxe, but the beds were very comfortable the staff very good, the food was very nice.

We did a couple of shows but as we would rather go dancing we tried the Globe a few times. The girl singer was great she was very versatile with a vast range of songs she was able to cover.

On the formal evenings it was supposed to be a “Ball” but it was an extention of the dancing classes with the dance class teacher announcing each dance eg: we will now have a foxtrot ! we will now have a waltz! etc ..The dancers from his dance classes then all got into there places and proceeded to dance going in a circle round and round the dance floor.

We have no idea what would have happened if we or other couples had gone onto the dance floor.( they could only shuffle round in the centre of the dancers) Consequently after 3/4 visits we gave up and didn’t bother .

We did ask to speak to the entertainment manager and a woman ( not the entertainment manager) phoned us, we voiced our views only to be told ” That’s what he is paid to do”
This may seem trivial but it did spoil some of our evenings.

By Susan Jones on 18 October 2019

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