30 night roundtrip Carribean with Bermuda

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By kevin mitchell on 26 November 2018

As usual, the cabin and waiting staff were excellent, I had mobility issues as the Wednesday before sailing it was confirmed I have a slipped disc pressing on the sciatic nerve so moving around was tricky most of the time and painful all of the time. The staff were very willing and accommodating when I needed help, but left me alone when I was ok.

It also restricted the day trips and sightseeing I could do. The highlight it has to be said was the overnighter in Bermuda I could have spent much much longer in the dockyard than we had or I was capable of. I did an island tour which was excellent very little walking if you wanted and you still saw the main sites you didn’t lose out if you couldn’t walk far.

The other islands I either stayed on board or went to the port shops or did the distillery tour of which each island did their own which suits me as I do like a drop of rum or several drops in most cases.

The only gripes which lose stars are down to the very poor and expensive internet which was none existent until after Bermuda and the library and reception refusing to admit to a problem or give a refund until halfway through the cruise. Reception insisted the girl in the library was an expert yet she knew less than me and I am no expert but I know how my laptop usually performs on that sort of cruise as I did the 28 nighter last year and it was faulty. And they lied to us as in Bermuda a guy came on board and was messing with the server in the library. I think they just hoped we wouldn’t see him.

The next is the incompetent photographers who couldn’t organise the proverbial booze up or in this case the passenger photo competition. I and 2 ladies I knew entered several photos each and went down at 9 on the opening viewing to find no photos, apparently, someone was sorting them out and it would be an hour. So at 10 and then 11 we finally found them putting them on display so we waited to see them when she had finished but my photos and one of the ladies who submitted at the same time as I weren’t there. So all the photos were removed while they found ours and 2 hours later they were out on display. We were told the viewing times and voting would be extended but they weren’t they were removed on time as originally advertised. Fortunately, the lady whose photos were delayed along with mine won, but an unnecessary farce, again we were lied to.

As I said the rest of the crew were brilliant but the 2 sagas soured an otherwise excellent holiday.

I am still awaiting a response from customer services in Southampton ref the internet.

By kevin mitchell on 26 November 2018

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