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By Charles Hoyland on 04 February 2020

Overall, another good cruise in the Caribbean on Azura, though the strong winds affected the itineray, with St Vincent replaced by Martinique and St Kitts postponed from the first week to the second. Good flight out from Birmingham (unlike the Saturday before which had been postponed from Saturday to Sunday). We were on the first bus out of the airport, and were in our cabin less than an hour after touchdown.

We like Azura and prefer it to Britannia despite it being an older ship and looking ready for its refit this Spring. Food and service were excellent, and the entertainment was good with Asa Elliott and the Four Tunes being the pick of a pretty decent bunch. We only did a couple of trips as we prefer to do our own thing, we did the St Kitts railway which was OK and the Farewell to Barbados which was average at best.

My only reservation about P&O cruises is the drinks package. No way would we spend £40 each per day on alcohol, and yet a fair number did and some told us that they had got their money’s worth by teatime! It did seem that for some it was a bit of a booze-cruise, and spending £1120 on alcohol for 2 weeks was money well spent. Not sure this is a good idea, but I imagine P&O feel as though it is something they have to offer as competitors either have drinks packages or go down the all-inclusive route.

This was the first P&O cruise we’ve done where the “Great British Sail Away” has been ditched as they – I assume – try and encourage a more diverse clientelle. Gone is the flag waving, Rule Brittania, Jerusalem, Land Of Hope and Glory, Danny Boy etc, which is a shame. P&O still brand themselves as a British cruise ship so what is wrong with a bit of flag waving?

By Charles Hoyland on 04 February 2020

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