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By Paul Nicholls on 05 August 2019

Just returned from this excellent fjords cruise on the wonderful P&O Ventura celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. We had a superb cruise. Lovely weather, calm seas, breathtaking scenery, exciting shore excursions ( troll cart ride to Briksdal glacier is brilliant ) and most excellent food and drink on board. We tried all the ‘pay extra’ restaurants and the main dining room and couldn’t fault any of them.

Entertainment on board was a mixed bag and quite a bit of it not really to our taste but we found something to enjoy every night. We enjoyed the talks by Priscilla Morris about comedy legends. A very interesting and talented lady. Also enjoyed magic/dance show Astonishing which was, well, astonishing !

As with every holiday there is something that could be better and with this one it was two things.

1. Mobile phones in theatre. If you don’t want to watch the show…go somewhere else. Can’t these people switch the bloody phone off for a few minutes?

2. Moaners. Everywhere you sat there would be some miserable old goat whinging about how absolutely awful everything was, and how it was much better fifty cruises ago. I wish these people would just stay at home. If it’s that bad, don’t do it! As for us, we’ll be doing it again next year… can’t wait!

By Paul Nicholls on 05 August 2019

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