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By TONY DEALLER on 18 January 2016

The experience started badly. Given the wrong category at the outset,given a boarding time of 15 00 hrs, finally boarded at 16-20 hrs

(having been at the terminal since 13-30) we were too late for safety drill. The first Port of call, Azores, after 3 days at sea, was too short.

Christmas at sea was a non-event. On reaching The W.I. each stay was too brief, We appeared to be last in , first out each time, leaving

too little time at each. It seemed even worse in Madeira, having been at sea for 4 days, we arrived in Funchal at 10-00hrs, long after a

Thomson Ship, and on board at 16-30 hrs and away long before the Thomson ship. Overall , Fair / Poor Cruise.

By TONY DEALLER on 18 January 2016

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