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Oceania Cruises | Sirena reviews

By Susie Cole on 27 August 2019

This was our third cruise with Oceania cruises and our first on the smaller ship Sirena. We had read that the bathrooms would be small and this is the case, but it did not in any way cause us any problems and the size of the room still seemed to be perfectly adequate.

The new update was lovely we liked the lightness of the room and there is still lots of space to put away your clothes etc. We chose the cruise because of the itinerary and not the time of year so we knew it would be hot. The aircon on the ship was amazing and very welcome when we returned on the ship from time off. We loved the itinerary and particularly loved the Amalfi coast sitting on the balcony watching the world go by, also Elba a new stop for them which is still beautiful and very unspoilt. The cruise, as usual, had wonderful food and amazing service. We met some really great people which of course makes a cruise. We have booked again on the same ship for a cruise in April 2021 again choosing the itinerary that we wanted.

By Susie Cole on 27 August 2019

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