Bruges cruise

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By Mary rimmer on 16 December 2015

This was a weekend cruise to Belgium. I have been on many cruises and was surprised at the lower standard of food and menu choice on this occasion. Also, the location of the disco in the atrium was inappropriate. The disco tended to play a lot of “club” music, the sound of which travelled up to all the bars ,and sitting areas overlooking the atrium. This meant it was not possible to use any of these areas for a chat and drink unless you shouted above the music. I have not come across this before. The disco is normally in a more enclosed venue which is more appropriate. Few people were dancing when my party passed through on several occasions. A broader range of music for that area would have been welcome if there was nowhere else to locate it. We enjoyed our weekend but the experience would not have encouraged me to cruise again if it had been my first cruise. I got the impression that as it was a weekend cruise all the stops had not been pulled out so to speak.

By Mary rimmer on 16 December 2015

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