Canada in the Fall

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines | Black Watch Reviews

By Michael and Dorothy Wolstencroft on 29 October 2018

Friendly service, good food, clean cabins ,quality beds and linen. At 46 years young the ship needs a lot of continuing maintenance to the superstructure and the constant chipping, grinding and banging reverberated into the cabin and around the ship. Sound insulation between cabins is poor. Norovirus impacted on swimming pools, jacuzzis and food service in the dining rooms for the final ten days of the trip with the crew making heroic efforts to isolate the spread of the infection. Interesting itinerary but at some ports the prescence very large cruise ships threatened to overwhelm local facilities. Magnificent scenery eg walking trails at Corner Brook are a must plus the Canadians like us Brits.

By Michael and Dorothy Wolstencroft on 29 October 2018

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