Caribbean cruise Nov/Dec 2018

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By Gwynneth Baines on 18 December 2018

The cruise to some beautiful islands was as wonderful as you could imagine. If I had a couple of grouses it would be

1. On Black tie nights people were in the lounges in shorts or jeans and t-shirts. Made evening not so special for those who like the dress up evenings.

2. Sofas round the pools were being used as beds by some people, they were laying out full length, so taking up the whole area so other people could not sit in the shade. Also, people were sitting with their feet on the tables. Not good manners in my book.

Apart from that everything was marvellous. The food, the crew and cabin staff, our comfort was second to none. Well done P & O

By Gwynneth Baines on 18 December 2018

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