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By Cilla Taylor on 04 November 2019

You may wonder why I only gave a 4 star overall when I gave 5 stars for all the categories.

Well as always staff were amazing service was brilliant, food was excellent and stateroom well kept and spotless.

Itinerary was good with great ports of call we had the big hitters of Rome/Florence/Naples 3 which we have done lots of times but we chose two ships trips for Rome and Florence ports the first to Lake Bolsano it was beautiful and worth the early start. and Tuscan Farmhouse trip this has to be one of the best ships trip we have ever done for food and wine tasting it was just fabulous recommend it.

We took a few private tours which were excellent and did our own thing in Gibraltar and Marseilles. All ports really enjoyable.

Entertainment the guest performers all really good we didn’t go to the hypnotist as not our taste . The cruise director was pretty good but some things a bit off key so to speak the ships officers dancing to Zorba the Greek was really good even the captain got involved. To be fair because of the big ports people seemed to go to bed early so some stuff fell a bit flat of the late night entertainment. Silent disco’s fun the ABBA night and Motown good however the ships dancers and singers reasonably good but the last night show Elysium was terrible and if been best singers and dancers in the world they couldn’t have made it good it was awful not enjoyable at all.

However thing that really made an off note was how the staff were so anxious about what marks we would give in the survey we got from Celebrity. Our waiters and steward were really worried which we found upsetting really. We kept reassuring them we would give top marks as they deserved it but really are they ruled by fear of what is said in a survey not a good feeling to be left with.
We have been cruising for 20 years and love it but this pressure on the staff seems excessive now. They give wonderful service and you couldn’t wish for a better experience. Is this the same on all ships now or just Celebrity.

However we had a fab holiday and will be back again next year.

By Cilla Taylor on 04 November 2019

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