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By Margaret Scott on 29 July 2019

We were sailing on Britannia for the second time returning to the Baltic to visit two locations which we had been forced to miss last year because of bad weather.

Fortunately, we were lucky and got to see Helsinki and Tallin and used the shuttle bus service for that and for other locations which we had visited previously. That is, with the exception of Copenhagen, where the ship had docked at a different berth further out from the city. There was utter confusion with a mix up of passengers going on organised trips and those trying to queue for the shuttle bus admittedly our chosen type to disembark was perhaps our mistake, and P&O are usually good at moving people but this was certainly not the case in this instance.

Also, we noticed that there were fewer waiters in the restaurants for freedom diners and some evenings we had to wait a long time in between the serving of each course. However, the staff who were on duty did their utmost to cope with the situation and to make sure we were cared for in the way we have come to expect. The ship looked as good as it did last year and we also had the pleasure of meeting Olly Smith the wine expert responsible for setting up the Glasshouse bars on several ships.

By Margaret Scott on 29 July 2019

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