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By Karl Menzies on 07 January 2019

Overall the cruise itself was a good one, but P&O standards are certainly changing, in fact some marked changes since we cruised on Azura in April. Could there be an initiative from Carnival to market/rebrand P&O for a different ‘Customer’ base.? Cunard certainly continue to position themselves as ‘Premium’, and succeed!

The entertainment choice is not as professional as previous cruises and the checking of details in Horizon leaves a lot to be desired. (Last night of our cruise the film Greatest Showman was billed for 8.30 and 10.30 showing. At 8.45, with just a test card on the screen in the Playhouse, a request was made to reception asking when would someone switch on the film. At 9 pm, the cruise ‘Director’ came into the theatre to say it was a misprint in Horizon, and there was only one showing at 9.30.! (Who checks details in the Horizon).? Some 100 guests had already left by this time, though he did then agree to get someone in to start the film for those of us patiently waiting. Sorry P&O, but you need a more focused Cruise Director who will manage the daily activities.!!

I was not impressed with the Port of St Vincent, and can only presume we docked there for cheap fuel….Grand Turk was delightful as a lot of money has been spent developing the port area for cruise ships.

As for the food onboard, on two occasions the food was returned as undercooked or cold, this happened to other passengers we learned later in conversation.!! Also, there seems to be a relaxation of hand gel procedures since April, both in the restaurants and cafeteria…I reported on two occasions empty gel dispensers.! Who monitors this?

The above comments may sound negative, and I have to say that this is the first time I have ever noted negative remarks about a cruise, but overall this was an enjoyable cruise and having sailed on Azura many times, the falling standards were not expected!

As always the crew looking after us were superb and made us feel welcome, so the issues with standards are more related to Middle Management onboard.

Burning question, would I cruise again on Azura.?? Of course, it’s a lovely ship and hopefully after her refurbishment will continue to delight her passengers.

By Karl Menzies on 07 January 2019

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