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By Martyn Dodds on 06 January 2020

Having been on the Azura in 2018 we noticed that the ship was looking a bit tired but understand that it is due a refit later this year. I have to agree with previous reviews regarding the entertainment and standards generally. The entertainment has definitely gone downhill . The sail away parties were very poor. They had even stopped having flags to wave on the final sail away which was always a highlight of any cruise.

I think that P&O could have made more of the Christmas theme. There was a few carols from the crew and a nativity play from the kids but not much else Christmasy in my opinion.
The crew were very good as usual working very hard. Especially the cabin stewards. Everyone was very friendly and helpful.

The food was good. The restaurants were very good as always but sometimes the choice in the buffet was not as good as it used to be.

Overall the holiday was very enjoyable but would have to agree the trip to Grand Turk was a little frustrating having sailed for a day to get there to find a purpose built resort (By the cruise line ) which was ok but very expensive. Then sailed another day to get back into the Caribbean Sea and another island.

A bonus was the complimentary drinks on the flight. The last time we went with P&O to the Caribbean 4 years ago we had to buy our drinks so we were pleasantly surprised.

By Martyn Dodds on 06 January 2020

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