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By Malcolm Ainscough on 24 October 2017

Four or five salient points which may (or may not!) be of use to future cruisers. Although the ship will no longer be with P&O from February 2018.

Excellent hardworking crew who seemed to be most happy working on the ship. This speaks well of the company. They gave friendly and efficient service.
Facilities never crowded. Always space in public areas.
Recent refurbishments meant furnishings were new (or like new).
Drinks prices very fair.
Never a queue for the lift.
Food gorgeous! No complaints whatsoever!
Relaxed atmosphere.

This may be a matter of taste, BUT, we do think P&O may have spent relatively little on the entertainment. The ship’s young 4 singers, dancers and actors did indeed sing, dance and act – to their great credit they worked their socks off! – but it was rather amateurish and third rate. Too much was expected of them.
The speaker was mildly entertaining to begin with, but really enjoyed promoting himself and we learnt little of his chosen subject.
The guitarist is I am sure a good classical guitarist, but of niche interest.
We have enjoyed some really professional shows, fascinating speakers and top entertainers in the past. The guest entertainers were OK. but we did not enjoy the ship’s company entertainments as we have in previous years. I wonder if P&O are cutting back?
We prefer to dine by ourselves rather than sharing a table in the dining room, which was not possible.
We regretted having a cabin so far forward, as this is the worst part of the ship for movement, and we each suffered as a result.

We prefer medium sized ships for entertainment and facilities, and this smaller ship for friendliness, the laid back atmosphere and personal space in public areas.

A pleasant and relaxing cruise which we enjoyed (when we weren’t seasick!!)

By Malcolm Ainscough on 24 October 2017

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