Cruise from Dubai/ABU Dhabi Bahrain/Oman 0802 _ 19/02/19

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By Michael Bennett on 28 February 2019

1/The A380 from Gatwick airport to Dubai
Was excellent very comfortable and well equipped and beautiful food and excellent cabin service. 100%

2/once off the plane leaving Dubai Airport was absolutely chaotic and it took over 3 hours to get to the coach and having to drag all our Cases and Hand Luggage
And everyone on our flight was very unhappy and very tired at the shambles and lack of communication or even a Coach to get on So VERY POOR 10%
Our cases did not arrive our Cabin for 5Hours so we couldnt unpack and put our clothes in the cupboards So Poor 15%

The Balcony was not a Balcony like we have enjoyed on other Cruise Lines and it was more a Large Window Hole but without the GLASS

The Seats had Brown stains and there was a very small fold up table .and you could not sit out and really see the sea as we have enjoyed on other Cruise Lines.

BUT all of that aside

We thoroughly enjoyed the Cruise Destinations but with eception of Khasbad where most passengers returned back on the same shuttlebbus

The food and entertainment and the Service and The OCEANA were all 100%

And really most enjoyable so overall 100%

By Michael Bennett on 28 February 2019

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