Crystal for solos… Not really

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By Gill Pear on 21 September 2016

Ship is fine, cabins a bit smaller than other ships but the bathroom is larger than normal. Can’t fault the crew/staff who generally will be smiling and helpful. Food was superb. Embarkation on arrival plus going ashore for trips etc is really well organised.
Sadly, the entertainment is a bit lacking and (maybe because I was in a different place e wry day) there isn’t muchbgoingnonnin e daytime… Unless you like bridge and knitting. Ship is 90% Americans, most of whom have numerous cruises booked… 20 even.
Where they did let me down is there promises for solo passengers. Despite the literature I was sent from Crystal, they don’t have singles tables …. Which is what I booked, maitre D Paolo confirmed this. Neither do they have singles events…. although they did try to organise one after I queried it. And neither can you join another table in the speciality restaurants Prego and Silk Road… Unlike their claims. A lady I met on board tried to do this, sadly they put her on a table on her own in the corner. Paolo also said no way do Join tables. . A nice cruise but based on my recent experienceI have cancelled my next one with Crystal losing most of my deposit even their claims on expectations were misleading. There are other cruise lines catering better for solos…..and best to book with someone who has first hand experience of the particular cruise line you are booking with.

By Gill Pear on 21 September 2016

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