Cunard going down hill

Cunard Line | Queen Elizabeth Reviews

By Haydn Martin M B E on 21 December 2018

Is Cunard going down hill? This is the third time we have been on the queen Elizabeth I do not think we will be going again. First I must say that all the staff we came across were very polite and very good at there jobs, however, the standard of food was very poor, sometimes cold, some very small portions and not presented very well at times.

During the refit I think they must have removed the stabilizers and for got to put them back due to the rocking and rolling we did.

The engines sounded as if they were coming out of the sea. Too much vibration from them.

Noises all the time from different parts of the ship.

The surcharge on the drinks made them very expensive. It looked as if we were all paying for the refit in one go.

The individual entertainers and speakers were very good unfortunately the same cannot be said for the singers and dancers they were to loud and not in time with one another when they should have been.

Overall a disappointing holiday too many little niggles.

By Haydn Martin M B E on 21 December 2018

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