D Day Commemoration Cruise

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By Judith Harrison on 17 June 2019

This was a specific cruise, commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the Day landings. Very emotional, many veterans on board, CMV pulled out all the stops including a service as we sailed past Gold beach. We have sailed 3 times on this ship and 5 more on her sister ships. She is a very quirky old lady, crew become like family, we did get an extra night on board which was a luxury due to being unable to sail overnight from Rouen due to adverse weather conditions, looked after extremely well and support for onward travel if needed. CMV is not a floating hotel, adult only ships except for a few multi generational cruises during August which is what we want, we have 2 more booked for the future. Food is excellent and the entertainment brilliant and varied, from Classical to dance to West End shows and everything in between. We love them!

By Judith Harrison on 17 June 2019

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