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By Ann Howlett & Patrick Smith on 28 January 2016

Hi,, We left on the 19th of December on a P&O Criuse Acadia to the Carabbean returning back on the 11th January,,
This was our 4 th cruise but what a disappointment it was ,,,Going through the Bay Of Biscay was a night mare for im sure all passengeres ,,trying to walk in the corradors was terribl my husband who has a problem with standing to long or walking to far fount it terribl,, im a keep fit person and found it very difficult to stand straight ,,,The food was good but the acomadation poor, staines on carpets and very dowdy and depressing, we had paid for a balcony and went on it once for half an hour but found it to cold to stay any longer,,We also found on other cruises there was a lot more entertainment and things to do but this was certaily lacking on the Arcadia the shows were good in the evening but only on for 45 minuets then you had to just go to the bars and sit till bed time ,,as we are not drinkers it was very boring,We could not go out side as the weather was to cold only when we reaches the island that we felt warm,,then of course after 5 days to see 5 islads we turned around for the journey back ,,,The cabin boy came in every day to make the bed and empty rubbish but the bathroom was not cleaned and left very dirty with just a wipe around,as i said very disappointed for the amount of money we paid thats not what we objected to it was just not worth it and not coming up to the standards that we expsected,
We will of course take another cruise but pick more carefully what we choose who we go with and not sail from Southampton again but fly straight out to the Carabbean as we have done in the past,,,Just thought i would mention people had broken arms and legs 2 people died and we both came home with chest infections and my husband bronchitis every body seemed to be coughing to much air condition not what we exspected coming back rested and well
Kind regards
Mrs Ann Howlett-Smith

By Ann Howlett & Patrick Smith on 28 January 2016

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