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By Mr& Mrs Storey on 12 August 2019

Very disappointed, this cruise is advertised as adults only, what it should say is elderly only, this ship is like a floating nursing home! We have nothing against the elderly as we will all get there one day, however on my holidays, I don’t want it forced on me.

The entertainment was very poor, the same band The Choice, awful singer.

We were expecting more nightlife, however, there was no night club no champagne bars, the entertainment was very much geared towards the older generation, sorry but quizzes line dancing are not what we call good nightlife! Even on the formal nights, the entertainment was the same, which seemed pointless being all dressed up!!

This ship had no atmosphere, no music playing in the day unless you were in the inside pool and then it was generally old music nothing modern.

We did not expect to be on holiday with the vast majority of people being over 65, wheelchairs and scooters !!

There were trip hazards, the doorway floor grills between the dining areas were loose, seats in the dining area were stained, the outside pool floor had brown stains on the floor, ( which we never went in )

Staff were carrying out maintenance duties in the ship, painting, varnishing, whilst people were laid on sunbeds. At one point a crew member was sanding wood, he was wearing a dust mask and yet he was doing this over the top of sunbathers, with no hazard tape around!

We do not smoke and yet we were put in a cabin 2 doors away from where smokers congregated and the people next to us were smoking in their cabin, so every time we opened the balcony all we could smell was smoke, as well as in the corridor !! Not good.

As for the planned stops, Lanzarote was a waste of time. My husband can only walk short distances before he needs to stop however we were told that we could hire a car or bike as we got off the ship, however, these were closed when we got there as it was Sunday,! As were of lot of the shops in town ,,, why make a stop on Sundays if they know that a lot of the areas amenities are closed ??

The food was lovely, however, the self-service areas were disorganised!

Clearing of breakfast started earlier than stated, the same for lunches! Felt like we were in a soup kitchen, not glamours at all !!

Positive notes, the evening meals were fabulous, the staff were very helpful but that’s about it, we spent a lot of money on this holiday to be totally disappointed!

As for sunbathing, well the beds are packed in so tight you are touching the next person !! Hence we never did I like privacy and on these decks you couldn’t get that !!

The advertising for this cruise needs to be re-looked at, as it does not cater for all, and does not give the service we expected!

It was boring, dull, lacked atmosphere, no excitement, even crew members asked what we thought and agreed with us, it’s a floating nursing home!! Not good.

We hope you do take note from this and change your description, when selling it to other individuals seeking a first-time cruise and advise them of the clientele, in relation to age! And the lack of nighttime entertainment or to be exact what the entertainment is stating nothing after 11pm !

By Mr& Mrs Storey on 12 August 2019

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