Disappointing Trip

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By Sue Craig on 08 January 2018

Didn’t meet expectations. Ship was in a run down state with obvious maintenance jobs not attended to.

Cabin steward was not attentive and left the cabin below par and not properly cleaned out from the last guests. She came in whenever she felt like without knocking and without warning.

Service in the restaurant 2nd sitting was poor with staff shortage on Christmas Day and we had to clear away our own plates.

Lack of poolside side with discarded used towels/ tissues/paper bags strewn around.

Tiles from the pool pinged off all over the place around it.

No attempt’s made to sweep them up or repair them.

Missed Mayreau due to 1-metre waves. Yet the water taxis at Grenada were operating in much worse. This was definitely NOT the life!

By Sue Craig on 08 January 2018

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