Dissapointing farewell cruise.

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By Malcolm on 20 March 2018

Having cruised with P&O many times the Adonia farewell cruise was very disappointing.The cruise was 28 nights sailing to the Amazon and the Caribbean.The entertainment was very poor and because of paperwork not being in place some of the artists were not allowed to perform as we entered Brazilian waters. To make matters worse the Adonia theatre company only consisted of four members and when one of them was ill they cancelled the rest of there shows, four people isn’t enough they should have more members so that cover can be provided and shows continued.To plug the gap entertainment was provided by members of the ships resident crew members and karaoke nights.This was not good enough there was only one show per night and the crows nest was almost empty if I wanted to see people who think they can sing I would have stayed at home and gone down to my local pub. Into the second part of the cruise it was obvious that the ship had been sold they started to run out of things like tonic water, drought beer, even certain fruits, the shops started shutting down three days before we returned to Barbados bottles were being packed away in boxes in the crows nest bar while we were having a drink this is not good enough passengers are entitled to recieve better service than this considering what we paid for the cruise things should have continued as normal until the end of the cruise passengers should not have been penalised just because the ship had been sold ,come on P&O show your passengers a bit of respect if this had been my first cruise with P&O it would certainly have been my last I know you can do much better.

By Malcolm on 20 March 2018

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