Excellent but some flaws in the upgrading of this ship.

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines | Balmoral Reviews

By Mrs Margaret Bonthrone on 04 June 2018

A brilliant cruise to the Swedish Waterways could not ask for better. A beautiful ship but no bar’s near to the restaurants, there is so much wasted space that could have been utilised when the ship was upgraded. In some of the bars, except the Neptune, the waiters were a little slow and would not take advice to make the service better, (like not leaving the lid off the tonic bottle so that the G&T is not flat), may be they could learn from the waiters on other Fred Olsen ships. This was my 21st cruise with Fred Olsen and over 90th with most cruise lines so I am a good judge of what could spoil things.

By Mrs Margaret Bonthrone on 04 June 2018

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