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By Mrs June Crisp on 24 September 2018

I booked the holiday especially because of the Fashion trip as offered in a promotional blurb by Cunard and Bolsover.

My opinion was the trip fell well short of expectations for many reasons.

The fashion “lectures” were mostly around selling books written by speakers. The content of books being very loosely about fashion or design but more about personalities and name dropping. The only one event that was a meaningful fashion event was the catwalk show put on by young designers from Westminster College.

I was bitterly disappointed and complained about lack of content, the inability of pursuits office to explain why I couldn’t get a seat a some of the shows and the bad organisation supporting the event I booked for.

I feel the “fashion trip” was totally misrepresented in the promotional material available for the cruise.

This is an event I would have loved to rebook but along with many others I met on the trip who shared my feelings, would be reluctant to do again.

It was a poor representation of an industry I love. The content/ shows and lectures were extremely disappointing, retail possibilities ie Max Mara and similar had little to offer, the films shown were appropriate but could have been coordinated to include follow-ups,

The entire event from retail, catwalks, lectures, displays or all the trappings of high fashion was of poor quality and low meaning.

The tour of New York I booked for the Sunday was also disappointing. The highlights being The Rockefeller vow and an hour for ridiculous lunch at Grand Central Station. The remains hour(s) were spent driving around central NY and quite without meaning.

Very disappointed.

I would most certainly have rebooked if the trip had been as good as blurb sent out to sell it.

Please note: The Ship, food, service etc on the wonderful QM2 was excellent and cannot be faulted.

By Mrs June Crisp on 24 September 2018

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