First and last time on Queen Mary 2. / Nightmare.

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By Dr. Sir Francis Baron Von Ross. on 02 January 2019

From New York Terminal to Southampton. Firstly, if you have a disability like I have with wearing an Air-Cast Boot and partly blind with a white/red cane to inform people you have low vision. Well I was struggling with everything not one person on staff cared about helping me.

On the Queen Mary 2 in my Cabin I found a ladies fingernail on the floor. Anyway it turns out that the Chef never bothered to buy products as I am a Vegan. Only dinner I had a few vegs what they had. For goodness sake the Chef did not know what a Yam was as you call it a sweat potato. Bought some food before I went on board thank goodness. Staff told me I would have to pay for breakfast and they lied about that.

You have to pay for Wi-Fi but did without for a week. Most of the staff are very rude and chat about a guest in own language. They have to be careful as I understood what they said.

Also Queen Mary knew about me been allergic to nut products. Went to afternoon tea and they served products with nuts. Had an allergic reaction and took me 2 1/2 days to recover and Queen Mary 2 did not care. One day I asked for toast and I received toast with mould on the side and even my cabin boy saw this as well. Yes I took pictures. I gave Fudge to the people at my dinner table as they had been so nice towards me. This was my first time doing this on the Queen Mary and to be lied to on most things. Anyway it was also a nightmare leaving the Queen Mary as I had to go back to get $1.31 that I did not spend on my account. I went the night before to settle my account so why they did not give me that $1.31 then. No one bothered to help me and once I left I did cry.

Very nice security helped me in Southampton. Thank you for caring to help me. Just wish the staff on the Queen Mary cared to help people, but they won’t. Could say more but you get the picture. Oh.! And another thing was the Queen Mary could not get my name right.

By Dr. Sir Francis Baron Von Ross. on 02 January 2019

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