Great ship, superb entertainment – shame about “The Restaurant”.

Silversea | Silver Wind Reviews

By Cheryl Jackson - Higgins on 02 July 2019

Firstly, sincere thanks to Bolsover for their usual exceptional service.

First time on Silversea [although having previously completed over 40 cruises] it has taken some time to elicit -why I would choose never to cruise with Silversea again. Upon reflection I put my inspectorial hat on and realised that the aspect of the cruise that was disappointing and certainly not up to par was quite simply – “The Restaurant”. It wasn’t just that food was often only warm and often repetitive – the basic problem was the management of “the Restaurant.” There were many good staff there [ Katherine being an outstanding example] but one had the feeling that the service was being run for the amusement of the front of house staff – rather than the comfort and overall culinary experience of the paying passengers! As a paying passenger I shall definitely take my custom to any of the other cruise lines we’ve previously travelled with – all of whom we should be delighted to travel with again – and indeed have already put in place arrangements to do just that !

By Cheryl Jackson - Higgins on 02 July 2019

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