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By Ian Cohen on 26 November 2018

The ship is beautiful and in pristine shape. However, it’s huge, and so feels less like a ship than mid-size ships. The heart of the ship feels more like a luxurious shopping mall than a ship. In that area, you don’t see (or feel) the waves.

The entertainment was top class – nightly shows with live music, singing and dancing that were at a level one would pay for at home. There were standing ovations. I would say that the entertainment was international so that even an evening of Italian love songs could be equally enjoyed by English speakers, as we pretty much knew all the songs anyway.

The ship is a lot of fun and has a younger crowd than some other cruise lines. The main indoor promenade, with the LED ceiling, is a hub of activity, and pop-up entertainment. It’s a ship that makes you smile (unless you prefer to complain).

In my opinion, the food in the main dining room was not up to standard. However, the buffet had plenty of choices, including a special Italian and Mediterranean emphasis – with fresh mozzarella and non-stop Pizza.

I had a room with a window. I thought the bed was very narrow, and there was less storage space than usual – but there is still a place to put everything.

By Ian Cohen on 26 November 2018

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