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By C & K Lord on 10 September 2019

A cruise to the Canary Islands was just what we needed, plenty of days at sea and lovely weather made this the ideal vacation. We thought that the ship was in good condition after her refit and conversion to “adults only” although there were some references in signage etc. to children which really should have been removed. Obviously the ship is not new so some signs of aging was inevitable but maintenance seemed to to keeping on top of this. The cabin was very comfortable and was kept in nice condition by our excellent Cabin Steward.

We ate Freedom Dining in the Medina Restaurant for the majority of our meals and the service was always efficient, and the waiters were willing and cheerful. We never had to wait for a table as there were just the two of us and we were very happy to share a table with other passengers. The standard of food in the Medina was good but over the years (over 60 cruises) we have seen quality declining slowly and this cruise did not reverse that trend. However Sindu’s was excellent and we were lucky enough to get a place on the “Chef’s Table” dining experience where the quality of the food, wine and service was absolutely faultless – worth every penny.

The entertainment was very good, both the Headliners and the individual artistes.

We just hope P & O keep running ships of this size for those of us who like to have quiet elegence and not so much Las Vegas glitz.

By C & K Lord on 10 September 2019

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