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By Janice Roberts on 04 March 2019

In the Cruise Mode…

Planning a holiday is always charged with anticipation and expectation…especially when it’s your first time cruising.
When we were invited by family to join them on the Britannia to the Caribbean in February, we were up for it! What we didn’t know was how serious the business of cruising is, from the places to catch WIFI on land to packing all our gear into 23 kilos for the flight …including all our formals!

So we joined a PO chat group on FB and this was the best thing we did, as any questions we had from the cabins to the excursions, someone had ‘been there’, ‘done that’ and taken a picture. They certainly helped us with the anticipation of the unexpected.

Being on board ship is a bit like being an expat (which we have been, as writers), the mixture of people is so diverse and the barriers come down and everyone there is focused on getting the best out of the experience. There was so much to do and so much to see that we felt a bit lost at times. A truly 4-star trip at a great price. Good facilities and comfort without the fancies and frills; the elegant… and attentive service without the pampering. Good on board without going overboard!

However, planning should be done way before you board the boat with the realisation that you can’t cover all the bases on your first cruise. We were lucky having family with us who are committed cruisers and who whisked us away to all the places they knew and groomed us in the etiquette of how to make the most of our time. My Fitbit was flat out!

There were issues… but trying to keep 3000 guests happy all of the time is not possible….so the experience is what you make it….and next year, we go on our own, back to the Caribbean, to put into practice what we learned this year. I hope this doesn’t mean we’re addicted!

By Janice Roberts on 04 March 2019

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