Largely Happy Cruise on Britannia

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By Ian Rodgers on 23 December 2019

We had a fantastic cruise on Brittania, but traditional cruisers may not agree. The lack of a traditional promenade deck is either a design flaw or intentional to squeeze in as many cabins as possible, cabin sizes were too small, balconies were tiny and the lack of Midship stairs to the lido meant excessively long wait times for lifts with those or limited mobility. The staff were incredibly friendly and very efficient, the theatre Entertainment was top notch and the ships public spaces were generally very pleasant. The lido deck was very crowded with empty sun loungers covered with various personal items belonging to people that think they can have a place to be for the entire day even though they generally spend on an hour or two occupying. P&O really have to police this better. Food was generally really tasty, but it would be nice if we could have a little more variety. For the price we pay, WIFI should be free as it is now in a majority of hotels.

By Ian Rodgers on 23 December 2019


  • I was on this cruise and it was excellent. Our third time on Britannia and the best so far.
    Only complaints, DJ Martin and his side kick Mark who thought they were funny but just annoying, and of course there should be free wifi in this day and age.

  • On Britannia in August 2015 our first cruise you have no bendmarks, so cabins being small, balcony being small, no midship staricase, would not have have an inpact on us. Found cabins very comfortable, clean, and well designed and balcony yes small but it is not as though you will be partying on it, enjoy a read, bit of sun and a welcome drink. Restaurant excellent and the choice good. Staff very welcoming, and all public area comfortable, looking forward to seeing the revamp. The midship staircase, as long as there is one and lifts not a problem the stairs are lovely in the Atrium. The running track do seven laps and you do a mile, yes nice to have a promenade deck but not essential. Did we enjoy our cruise yes and have not look back since.

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