Lovely ship, great holiday. A few little tweeks and it could be perfect.

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By Sam on 08 September 2017

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip around Greece on board Oceana. A couple of things which let the holiday down were, firstly the travel cot. This was filthy, torn and really not fit for use. Children are not free so I expect something half decent for them to sleep in.

The port Albania which replaced another port on the itinerary was a really terrible choice of destination. All the passengers were back on board by lunch time, it was a very poor and sad place to visit, not really what I want to experience on my holidays. It was a very intimidating place and really not suitable for elderly people using sticks or a wheel chair or a family with a pushchair.

Everything else about our cruise was great, I would 100% go on this ship again.

By Sam on 08 September 2017

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