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By J Shaw on 07 January 2019

We have just returned from Ventura’s Christmas and New Year cruise to The Canaries and Madiera together with Lisbon.

It was wow from the minute we stepped on board. With the ice rink in the Atrium. The decorations were very good. The staff right from the Captain to the cabin staff were excellent. The food overall was greatly improved to what was served on other ships.

The entertainment was good as usual.

The only down aspect was the debarkle of disembarkation. Right from arriving in The Arena theatre to arriving at our coach. One and a quarter hours!! It was the worst ever.

Eavesway coach company were again very good.

The fireworks in Madiera were amazing.

Yes, The Bay of Biscay was rough but Ventura coped well.

By J Shaw on 07 January 2019


  • I think this couple where in a different ship, we have just returned from this cruise and we had numerous problems with just about every aspect! I will never cruise again and I would never recommend P&O to anyone

  • Queen Victoria Christmas Cruise went well generally apart from returning home with a dose of Cunard Cough for the fourth year running. The air conditioning must be a prime suspect here. All our meals in the Britannia 1st sitting were excellent and the dining room staff were a pleasure to be with. The Philippino/Indian mix is a much happier combination than than that involving Eastern European staff who generally generate little happy rapport with the guests.
    Cadiz is an inspiring port of call and we are sorry that it doesn’t feature in the itinerary for the 2019/2020 Christmas/New Year cruise.

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