Our Med Cruise – August 2017

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By D Piper on 04 September 2017

Just returned from our Summer cruise around France, Spain, and Italy on Britannia which was more eventful than expected. Having narrowly avoided the potential danger of the terrorist attack on Las Ramblas, Barcelona on the day we visited there our next port of call was Naples, where we then got caught up in the earthquake just off the Isle of Ishcia. After that things were relatively quiet. The Captain was marvellous throughout and took the decision to stay close to land for a couple of hours out of Barcelona to enable passengers to make contact with friends and family at home to let them know they were safe. This would have cost P&O a huge sum of money to do this so, well done Captain Brown 👏. I still think this ship is too big but that’s just my personal view. I think the food in the main dining rooms has lost its wow factor a bit but I do think it appeals to the type of passenger who these big ships are aimed at – families and kids, young people who are not too fussy. However I don’t expect to pay a couple of thousand pounds for a holiday to be ruined by rowdy passengers who have little or no respect for what is meant to be a luxury cruise ship.

By on 04 September 2017

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