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By Peter kirby on 04 October 2013

We where very disappointed with this cruise,to start off with food in the main resteraunt and around the ship was only warm
Small portions in the main dinning and not very little choice on the menu,the only eating area that was good is the pizza guy
He makes great pizzas and he never stopped all week,wonder why?.
Entertainment on board,we’ll if you like circus acts this is the one for you and that’s in the theater,we only watched one.
All the other bars had groups trying to sing,same songs every night,groundhog day every day.
Ports of call very good,but you don ‘t have enough time too make the most of them ,excursions we booked 4 and 3where canceled
We were very disappointed with this and we did not get to know until the last minute.
Refreshments if you a tea drinker take some tea bags with you,the keep them in ther pockets and let you have the onre at a time,
No coffe after your meal and no water on the table unless you purchase it.

By Peter kirby on 04 October 2013

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