Never took to the ship!

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By Peter Quinnear on 29 July 2019

Although we had sailed many times with P&O this was our first time on Azura. The week long cruise to the fjords was fine, we enjoyed the ports and food and service on the ship were as we expected.

However, the captain was conspicuous by his absence. He never turned up at his welcome gala party (to which he was the invitee) and he never spoke from the bridge during the safety briefing even though on both occasions it was announced that he would be speaking ‘in a few moments’. We never saw him the whole cruise and only heard from him on the occasional departure from port.

Why didn’t we take to the ship? Maybe it was because we kept turning in the wrong direction and ended up walking towards the wrong end of the ship, a problem we have never experienced before on aa ship after the first day. This may have been caused because the map we were given at check in showed 3 stairwells, 1 green, 1 yellow and 1 purple (carpeting colours). The fact was they were all blue so when we got to a stairwell we didn’t know where we were. Disappointing.

By Peter Quinnear on 29 July 2019

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