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By Karen Yates on 12 October 2017

This ship is in dire need of refurbishment and should not be allowed to sail in its current state. Blocked public toilets, poor maintenance, the air conditioning and heating was patchy throughout the ship with some areas hot and others too cold. The company policy is to put customer safety first and consequently we did not stop at any tender ports due to the weather but the company was quite happy to let the ship sail in this unacceptable condition. The atmosphere amongst the staff was poor although most tried to do their best. The company is now pimping their officers by offering exclusive sail always and lunches for the price of £25. Overall P&O need to take a good look at their business strategy and start to put their customers first.

By Karen Yates on 12 October 2017

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  • Completely agree with all criticisms of this cruise – how on earth did reviewer give it straight 5 stars ??
    Arcadia cough was back again.

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