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By Bridget on 03 March 2020

Oceana and Storm Dennis. We boarded late due to the late arrival due to the disgustingly bad weather all around. We were kept properly informed by P&O and boarded easily and quickly because we kept to our time. Life on board was as good as ever. The food was absolutely definitely on top form and miles better than on other voyages. Our cabin was beautifully clean and Storm Dennis rocked us to sleep. We ended up overnight in Rotterdam instead of Amsterdam which was a pity but went to Amsterdam anyway on day 2. Rotterdam was a bit underwhelming to say the least. Sadly we missed Bruges due to the storms again and whilst it wasn’t ideal, nobody can plan the weather. The captain and crew did a great and sensitive job in keeping us all informed. We could have loaned all week but this was our holiday and we did our very best to enjoy it to the max. Oceana is a great ship in all respects and coped brilliantly with the dreadful conditions we found ourselves in

By Bridget on 03 March 2020

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