Overcrowded ship in need of some TLC

Princess Cruises

By Larry on 21 August 2017

Ship’s vibration very noticeable throughout the ship; in our mid/high cabin, we could feel the vibration in bed at night – hence the low mark for comfort.

Too many people on board for the space available. Over 3,500 during the school holidays for a ship that advertises 3,080 Guests. Despite the rule about not reserving sun loungers, at 10:30 am – most had towels on to reserve them and staff unwilling to move any despite them being unoccupied.

Balcony Cabins on the small side; marks/stains on the walls; bathrooms TINY [overall size, including sink, shower, toilet areas, 15sq. ft.]; no bath, small shower with little space [about 2 x 2 ft] to dry in.

Obvious cut-backs in service; too few staff, too many passengers; melamine plates/mugs in use in the Buffet rather than china crockery; Buffet food – not a great selection and varied little throughout the week; children running wild, playing on the stairs, pushing all the lift buttons but no staff addressing it.

Princess are an American part of the Carnival Group; no tea/coffee facilities in the cabins and not allowed to bring own kettle; morning tea delivery could be arranged but only in a 30 minute window and was often weak/cold; on-board prices in US $; service generally good if a little slow at times, but fixed gratuities [removable if you choose] are $13.50 pppn – somewhat expensive if one considers the inadequate number of staff they employ on board.

Little sign of senior crew “mingling” with the passengers.

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